Off for a bruising!

The incredible HT10 off to Singapore. Chuan loves the HT series so much – and because is also an adventurous fisherman – he has two of the HT6 and HT8s. This is his second HT10.

Chuan is a bit like me in that unforeseen things happen. I’ve always doubled up my rods too, ever since my early Stillwater days (two identical Hardy Sovereigns, followed by two Loomis IMX 9’ 6WTs. Then I doubled up on other rods – in fact with Sage TCRs I not only doubled up but also had many spare sections).

This way there is no downtime when you fall in, trip over your rod, run them over with the truck, or have a fish catch you out and pull the rod at extreme angles

We can make sure that sections are interchangeable but we need both rods to do this.  Rod building is not only a science, it’s also an art!