HT Comp5 to Japan

There is an exciting comp casting scene developing in Japan. This is the third of four Comp5 rods heading over to Japan since the start of this year. I’m reading on Facebook 40m casts which is real championship level performances!

I’m looking forward to meeting these guys when the pandemic allows. There is rumour that Malaysia might hold an international competition but we had to postpone things last year. I would love to see casting sport develop in this part of the world and think it would be great for everyone involved. I’m looking forward to when we can do this 🙂

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Thanks, Paul

R2-D2 763

We have a theme developing here in the Netherlands! First was the “Skywalker” Instructor rod and now the R2-D2 HT763 🙂

I’m looking forward to hearing how Richard finds the new HT763. The last feedback we had was:

“I let rip with the HT3 yesterday. It’s certainly not your standard 3wt is it 🤣 Fucking laser tight loops and it can cast a full line. I had to muck around with a few lines to get it to perform in close. I settled on a Cortland Sylk DT (I didn’t have the SA DT in a 3, but I’m sure that would have done the trick too) It worked nicely at all distances. 
Another cracking rod, well done mate.”

Yep that’s what I like to hear! 😎

You can learn more about this rod and the six years it took to develop it here:

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Cheers, Paul

The Royal Blue?

I think it was Nick who started the royal blue and silver trend that is happening at the moment! This is one of four such HT10/Comp5s builds that’s been making its way to Japan this year.

I think it looks very nice indeed and since we’ve just ordered more spools of this material you can feel free to order it for your custom-built Hot Torpedo!

For me personally it’s very exciting to see casting sport developing in Japan and when this pandemic allows I hope that we can set up a SE Asian casting competition either annually or on alternate years to the World Championships. Here in Malaysia we were planning an International competition this April but that has been postponed. Hopefully we can host it soon!

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Cheers, Paul

Pro6 to NZ

It’s great to have a Pro6 heading out to New Zealand this week, after all that’s what I had in mind when we designed it! I spent 25 years fishing a 9’ #6 as my go-to rod and some 3000 fishing days in NZ wielding one. So I had to get this one right!

This particular rod has gone out with a spare tip. It’s an option you can order with all HT rods. In the case of the HT6 a spare tip is £90 and we give you a 5-piece rod sock to go with it – or “rod pants” as my good friend, Ivica, in Croatia thought they were called! 😀

Superb rod build from out man, Lee, as always. Brexit resulted in a delay on our last blank delivery but we are full steam ahead now. We are building three Comp5s this week (two to Japan) and a 763. We also have a HT12 butt modification experiment to build for Tim in Australia.

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I plan to make an action casting video with the drone soon! 🙂

Cheers, Paul