HT8 to France

A rather more subtle choice of whipping colours compared to Six Pound Sean’s excitement of last week!! This week it’s Ninja Black. Looks very nice I think, and in fact it’s the same combination as my own first custom rod that was built by Steve Parton many years ago.

This rod’s intended target is Shad (they have two species). I don’t know very much about this fish but they certainly sound like fun! I’m looking forward to learning more.

This is actually my go-to rod weight for much of my fishing nowadays. It’s the rod I use for Snakehead and Jungle Perch as well as SW flats. Comfortably fast and a bit of a machine. We call it a “cannon with finesse”.

It has been designed using a true-to-weight 8WT line. Not a 9WT line. So if you go by AFFTA you won’t go wrong. I use SA Bonefish 8 and MED8 as my go to floating lines. Also happy with the Infinity, which I know is 1/2 line heavy. I’m looking forward to testing a tropical Ballistic 8 soon too.

You can find more info on the HT8 here.  And of course feel free to email me on or WhatsApp me on +60198549552

Cheers, Paul


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