Fishing with An Tan

An is one of my best customers; he has the full Hot Torpedo range and his girlfriend, Shermaine, owns a couple too! So by way of thanks I invited them for a few days of fishing with me in the Jungle.

An and Shermaine

Now if you’ve read anything on Sexyloops, you’ll know that I always say that the first time you come here you won’t catch any fish! Occasionally someone sneaks one past me – Flavio for example completely ignored me and caught four Snakehead on the very first day. But generally, unless you do a longer stint of a week or more, this statement still holds water.

That’s not because there are no fish here; it’s because the skill set required so that the fish sees your fly is really quite extraordinary and it takes some dedicated practise, as well as doing a few things differently. In Saltwater fly fishing for example, a discipline where quality casting is required, it’s often possible to put the fly anywhere within two metres and still catch the fish. Indeed sometimes they will swim many more metres than this to take your fly. Here you don’t have this luxury and instead need to put the fly, quite literally, in an area the size of a dinner plate, without warning and you have only one second to do so.

The chase is on!

An is a fast learner (and already an excellent caster) and so while he didn’t land any fish this trip, on the second day with me he had a couple of follows (three to be precise) and on last day he hooked a Snakehead briefly and – wait for it – also hooked a Gourami. (He did everything right with the Gourami; it only didn’t stick because it was his first time here).


Lots of fun. It would have been nice to see some fish, and I’m sure that next time he will. Remember if you have a full set of Hot Torpedos you too can join me for a couple of days Jungle Fishing!  Talking of which,  Christmas is over; it’s  time to start buying tackle again.  🙂