Pro7 Streamer Rod to NZ

Here is our latest rod to ship this week. It’s a HT7 with a spare tip for accidents! We can send you a spare tip at the time of order when requested. This is a great idea if you are fishing in the wilderness.

Drop me an email on to find out more! We build in UK and we can also build in the EU if required. This is a cracking rod and is the one I use for my casting training nowadays. I would be tempted to use it as my go-to backcountry nymphing rod. 🙂

Frog Feeders

A bit of feedback here… cracking fish!

Gday Paul,
The HT6 is loving the frog feeders down here in Tasmania. Every time I use this rod it amazes me more, I love it. Arrow straight shots to these fish, no problem. Putting the brakes on them to keep away from trouble, no problem. What can’t it do, I have no idea because I haven’t found it yet.Thanks again mate for introducing the world to the HT series of rods. Now where is that 5 wt…😂😂