Round 3 – Entry 28 – Carl Martin Vennefjord

For me the HTOC journey started when me and my friend Simon where discussion different rods as we were starting to prepare for our upcoming FFI CI-test. He have had the HT 6wt for some years, and he had mentioned it earlier but it was now, during our discussions and preparations that we started to talk about this rod for real!

As we where going to work together at the Swedish Sport fishing fair in March 2017 I told him to bring along his HT 6wt so I could try it out! Every night after the fair had closed we headed over to the casting pound and started casting, discussing and comparing the rod to other premium rods.

Aside from all the things you would expect from a premium rod; a really high grade cork, lightweight, excellent wraps on the blank and so on, the HT 6wt was a little different from other rods I’ve tried before, it had a different feel and a vibe to it.

I can honestly say that I had never tried a fly rod before that made it so easy for me to get those really tight sexy loops, it felt effortless! The HT 6wt had a really nice action in the tip section which I love. Light, fast, crisp and sensitive but yet powerful and compered to other fast rods the HT wasn’t as stiff in the lower part of the blank. Power and feel thought the hole blank, I love it!

At this time I had been doing casting lessons on a regular basis for a little more the 2 years and I really would love to have the HT Instructor, a white visibly rod for my casting lessons.  To be honest, I have had fly rods with white blanks before but those rods where not that good, not even close!

The white blank would also be really good for me as I was starting to practicing for the upcoming CI-tests. It’s perfect because of the visibility when looking at video recordings of my casting. Aside from my personal progress and casting lessons I was looking forward to fish with this rod!

It’s been almost 6 months since I got my Hot Torpedo Instructor rod and it has been through a lot.

I bought the HT Instructor Nr: 131

First of, this rod has been trough a lot of casting, a lot! During the whole summer I’ve been practicing for the FFI CI-test. Hours and hours of casting, filming, reflecting and hours of discussions.

It’s been with me while I’ve been traveling and fishing. In the hunt for giant 30lb sea run browns in the Swedish river Em, casting for salmon in river Klarälven, chasing sea run browns and European flounder in the archipelago of Stockholm and it has been my go to rod when street fishing perch in Stockholm City.

To sum it up, my Hot Torpedo journey has been nothing but awesome! As stated above It has been through a lot of casting, fishing and I do feel a little bit ashamed to tell you this, but, I even forgot my Torpedo in a mall once, luckily it was still there when I got back 10min later!

I’ve lost ha HUGE Sea run in river Em, I caught salmons in River Klarälven, I’ve caught sea run trouts and European flouder in the Baltic sea, I’ve caught perch in central Stockholm and I reached my biggest goal of the year when using this rod, I become a CI.

I can honestly say that I’m a very proud member of the HTOC!

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