Round 3 – Entry 27 – Mike Duzynski


This HT entry should be no more then a picture and a full page of HA HA HA, but I will add a little story to it.

Since I own HT 10WT no.1 (it’s been a while now) I’ve only used it to cast my 5wt line for my distance practice. For my usual flats fishing I’m using 8WT rod, but today I decided to finally take the HT to the flats.

Set with intermedium line and a clouser, NO LUCK, as usual BTW.

Of course my main goal is to catch a fish when I’m on the water, but if this doesn’t happen, I really enjoy fly casting, and HT doesnt disappoint here. Current gets a little faster on the outgoing tide, I wanted to fish some deeper holes, and steep drop-offs. For that I reached for my big gun – RIO LEVIATHAN 400GR (26feet of fast sinking head) and a heavy prawn.

Again casting was fantastic, but then there it is. After stripping my fly to my feet, I notice something blackish on my fly – weed I thought – as I’m going through the bottom.

Looking closer and I recognised a familiar flapping tail motion – HEY, THERE IS A FISH, YES, FINALY I CAUGHT THE FISH, MY FIRST FISH ON MY HOT TORPEDO 10WT…..

Let the pictures tell the rest of the story ha ha haha


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