ENTRY NO3 – Giordano Montesi

Hello Paul,

if I understand well you need an article to advertise your rod. I honestly think that HT Torpedo competition does not need to be advertised because it is a valid rod and this is the best advertising!

Let me tell you about my fly fishing history so you can understand why I came close to your rod. I started with fly fishing at 6 year old. The fact was that I did not want to go to school and make a lot of whims until my dad knew me well, promising a fly rod if I quit her with whims. In fact I stopped immediately. Soon fishing and casting became familiar, thanks to the many hours spent with the rod in hand and I could cast the all line with great ease.

The years passed and I decided to measure my ability by trying to become a casting instructor. I can safely take the exam of the highest level in a short time, then 20 years later the cold shower I am diagnosed with Parkinson’s, youthful form.

Things get complicated and much, and coordination between the right and left of the body becomes complicated, very complicated. I have a tough head and I do not want to give up the fly fishing I hear as part of me. Start workouts and slowly begin to recover lost skills and in particular precision and casting suitable for dredging, in other words I can fish dignitously and thanks to my friends who accompany me, I can no longer drive, I go fishing… and I go there often.

With the distance things are not going well yet and I’m still far from what I would like, even though at the moment I have no problem fishing 20 meters – a bit for my merit and a bit thanks to your rod.

That’s all Paul, I do not know if what I said can help but it’s truth and not publicity. Thank you very much for Paul Arden and especially for the broken tip promptly replaced. I would very much like to fish with you but beware I’m strong, joke obviously, hello soon!


ciao Paul,se ho capito bene ti occorre un articolo per pubblicizzare la tua canna. sinceramente penso che la HT Torpado competition non abbia bisogno di essere pubblicizzata perchè è una canna valida ed è questa la migliore pubblicità. permettimi di raccontarti la mia storia di pescatore a mosca così potrai capire perchè mi sono avvicinato alla tua canna. io comincio a pescare a mosca all’età di 6 anni, anzi prima. il fatto è stato che io non volevo andare a scuola e facevo molti capricci finchè mio padre che mi conosceva bene, mi promette una canna da mosca se io la smettevo con i capricci. in effetti ho smesso immediatamente. ben presto la pesca ed il lancio diventano familiari grazie alle molte ore passate con la canna in mano e riuscivo a fare il tutto coda con grande facilità. gli anni passano ed io decido di misurare la mia abilità tentando la strada dell’istruttore di lancio. riesco senza problemi a prendere il brevetto del livello più alto in poco tempo, poi 20 anni fà la doccia fredda mi viene diagnosticato il parkinson, forma giovanile. le cose si complicano e parecchio e la coordinazione tra parte destra e sinistra del corpo diventa complicata, molto complicata. io ho la testa dura e non voglio rinunciare alla pesca a mosca che sento come parte di me. iniziano gli allenamenti e lentamente comincio a recuperare le abilità perdute ed in particolare la precisione ed i lanci adatti a combattere il dragaggio, in altre parole riesco a pescare dignitosamente e grazie ai miei amici che mi accompagnano, io non posso più guidare, torno a pescare e ci vado spesso. con la distanza le cose non vanno ancora bene e sono ancora lontano da ciò che vorrei anche se al momento non ho problemi a pescare a 20 metri un po’ per merito mio e un po’ grazie alla tua canna.
questo è tutto Paul, non so se quello che ho detto possa aiutarti ma è verità e non pubblicità.
grazie di tutto Paul Arden ed in particolare per il vettino rotto prontamente sostituito. mi farebbe molto piacere pescare insieme a te ma attenzione io sono uno tosto, scherzo ovviamente, ciao a presto


ENTRY NUMBER 2 – Tim Kempton CI

Hot Torpedo and Snakehead – Tim Kempton CI

I spent some days fishing with Paul for Snakehead on Lake Temmengor on the Condom Titanic.   Unlike its namesake, this boat did not sink!.  It rained like buggery when we arrived and the lake rose 1-2 metres. That made the Snakehead sluggish.

These Snakehead don’t make fishing for them with fly very easy.  They were rising and diving again very quickly and were not aggressive.  I was getting close, but not close enough. Snakehead do not turn around, and landing the fly near their tail, or too far away does not work.  No time for false casts and land the fly on a dinner plate within 2 secs. And…decide which way the fish is going to turn so you cast in front and not behind. And… decide which fish if both rise.

I was feeling like a beginner.  Slow perfect loops in the park did not crack it.  Frustration and deep sighs!

So the casting lessons and practice began.  Pick up two metres of line from outside the rod tip and cast 60-80’, and land on a dinner plate with no false cast says Paul.. Show me says I, and so he proceeded to hit leaves at 80’ at any angle. Righto…I think I will take up bowls.

Finally, the perfect rise. The male and female rose together, I cast at the female on the left (Paul says wrong side, as he only saw the male on the right).  I said, no I picked the big one…lol.  An aggressive chase, a massive explosion and fish on.  These fish are incredibly strong and you have to point the rod at them and effectively handline them to avoid high sticking and busting the rod.  A beautiful 5 kg fish came to the net. A quick photo and back.  What beautiful colours. Celebrations and a big sigh of relief.  Thank you Mrs Toman!

The leader was 80 lb butt section, with a 40 lb tippet tied with a Bimini Twist and a Slim Beauty. This is the strongest knot combination.  We also had 8” on 40 lb AFW camouflage wire as the tippet, then a gurgler. I tied on more wire this time…the fish I hooked last year bit above the wire and through the leader…fish lost!.  I started with a nice blue Sage Xi310 WT and a 10 WF Tarpon Technical line.  This Sage rod was stiff , had little feel and was giving me a sore wrist. I then tried Paul’s new Hot Torpedo 10 WT…completely different feel, much easier to cast and less strain on the wrist and arm.  He has spent years perfecting these rods and you can certainly feel the difference.  My HT10 is on order to go with my HT4, HT6 and HT 8 rods. ..the complete set!

Tim and his 5KG Snakehead

ENTRY NO1 – Michal Duzynski


(Warning – colourful language 11th paragraph!)

Hello All readers and Sexyloops HT owners. Welcome to my story of the Sexiest Fly Rod ever and its adventures. After I read Paul’s front page about the comp I thought, who else, but SERIAL NO.1 OF HT COMP5 owner should kick off.

My great adventure involving HT COMP 5 started in 2012 during World Championships in Norway. I broke my TCR  during trout distance and then Paul said I should try his rod which was the prototype of the HT COMP 5.

“WOW- I want one”, my first and last thought was; and there was not much to comment in the beginning, as watching tight, sexyloops unrolling in silence was enough to describe this magic wand. Next was admiring something new that I haven’t seen in other fly rods yet, matt finish of the blank, single foot guides positioned in upward angle, and those loops, loops, loops I just wanted to cast it and cast it….   OK enough, “Paul I would like to have one please….”

As I like to keep my fishing gear always clean and in a good condition, and I like it to be done perfectly – buy once, but good and have it for years – I started bombarding Paul with emails about the rod.

Booom, package arrived and the new Serial No.1 Sexyloops HT Comp 5 is with daddy. Beautfly done with great feel. “Let’s take for a spin” I said, and string the rod with 5wt MED.
Since I like distance casting I put some pressure on that HT COMP 5, and as I got better I put more pressure by carrying more line, AND THEN IT HAPPENED????? forward cast and the tip broke in a half- fucking hell I thought- why the shits happen to me???

Back to emails with Paul bla bla bla same story, but this time I was going to pick it up myself and check it, cast it and pack it up.
We had a weekend of single handed spey casting organized in Paul’s place in Hungary. This was a fantastic weekend including Janko from Croatia, and my HT COMP 5 came to life. This time No 2 with my name on it.
It is fantastic rod, I cast, I fished, I cast, I fish.

In 2013 I won the first Italian Championships – guess with what rod???
Then in November 2013 I took this rod all over the World with me as I worked on the cruise ships. Sometimes I had to explain myself to people why I have a black tube with SEXYLOOPS written on it. They thought  I am kind of pervert with dildos in the tube????. When I explained them and told them about the loops- YOU KNOW TIGHTER IS SEXIER- they still looked at me like Im a pervert ???

Soon after the cruise ships I decided to give a new home to the HT COMP 5- Brisbane, Australia. In November 2014 Paul stoped by at my place on his way to Cape York fishing trip. He brought with him the prototype of the Hot Torpedo 10wt. I made a bet with Paul, but only me and Paul knows about it ??? and I almost won the rod, well he had some good time in Cape York and pulled some decent fish on it.

Fishing wise I use my HT COMP 5 mainly for carp, bass and some light saltwater fly fishing, but the main purpose of that rod was to help me get better in my distance casting. So I cast, I cast and cast more ’til I crack it again- fuck me not again I thought- but no panic as I know replacement service from Sexyloops is awesome, so guess what- back to Paul.

This happened at the time when SL HT 10WT was about to be released.Paul is very convincing and I’m very weak, so the order for the first ever made SL HT 10WT was placed and I was waiting for the serial No.1 “cracker of a rod”.

Deal was to send my entire HT COMP 5 No.2 with my name on it to Spain for a repair and meanwhile my 10wt was perfected by Lee in the UK, and then 5wt goes to Lee and from Lee both rods to Australia. As I have a lot of luck with SL HT, guess what- some fucking cunt lost it, or stole it somewhere in Germany while it was on the way to UK from Spain and some other lucky fucker is fishing, casting this great rod with my name on it.

I am a patient person and I don’t mind to wait for things once they are done perfectly, so we stopped the shipping of my 10 wt and waited for the new  SL HT COMP 5 to be built. Finally the rods arrived 2 days apart, but they were here.

First 10 wt, wow, what a rod. I did not fish with it yet as I’m too busy at work, but I have time to cast it 5 times a week and let me tell you that Im really looking forward to my casting session just to see those loops.

Funny thing about the SL HT COMP 5 is that the serial number now is 123. Im not sure if it was done in purpose as a description of me having number 1, losing number 2 and finally stick to number 3 (third time lucky- I hope?), well now Im a happy owner of 2 SEXYLOOPS HOT TORPEDO FLY RODS.

See some pictures and videos with me having great time with that rods.
If you are on the market for a new rod do yourself a favour and look no further- GET ONE OF THE AWESOME RANGE OF THE SEXYLOOPS FLY RODS.

Thanks for reading
Michal Duzynski

The Great Annual Hot Torpedo Competition 2017

We have a new and very exciting competition for Hot Torpedo Owners where the most inspirational story/photo/movie will win a special Hot Torpedo of a build and line-class of the winner’s choosing. Not only that but the four best picked entries all win prizes and there will be random prizes selected from a sock.

Here are the competition details… http://www.sexyloops.com/index.php/ps/the-great-sexyloops-hot-torpedo-competition-2017

Please send your entries to me paul@sexyloops.com (images should be resized to around 200Kb each for Jungle Internet).

Good luck!

The Sexyloops COMP5 V2

In case you’ve missed it here is a short video of me playing around with a measured 90ft distance carry using the HT COMP5 V2 which is available special order by emailing me paul@sexyloops.com In essence it is the same rod as the HT10 – same blank, same Torzite Titanium Rings, only the logo and magic are a little different.


This is the rod that gave me a Bronze Medal in last year’s World Championships. A little more luck with the wind and things might have been even better!

Busy at Basecamp

We’ve been very busy the last few weeks particularly after our latest shipment of Torzites arrived. This is the way we like it of course! We had 12 rods on the go last week, which is very busy for us – so THANKS!!!

Mika the Legend!
HT8 destined for London
More rods for Mongolia and one for Sweden.