ENTRY No8 – Miss Ashly Chan

(My flyrod story)
When I first met Paul in Nov 2014, he invited me to fish with him in Temenggor, but I had no idea what fly-fishing was all about! After few invitations from him, my curiosity kicked in “what is FLY-FISHING” thus I decided to join him in December. It was my  first trip to Belum Temenggor lake which lies beneath the world’s oldest rainforest. I still remember the water level at that time was very high and most of the aboriginal huts and small islands were underwater. So sad, but thank god no casualty reported.
I was there for 10 days, as a beginner Paul shows me what is flyfishing. I tied my first fly and my first flycasting lesson with HT6. And there my fishing adventure begun with Sexyloops Hot Torpedo 6 aka HT6.
My first lesson on flycasting. BTW my bum doesn’t fit in this pants anymore
My first popper which I still have it in my fly box
I fish a lot in Europe and Malaysia with HT6 after that. Let’s put aside places that I don’t catches or losing fish ?. I had my brown trout with HT6 in Jersey, Varzina river in Russia, Asp in Hungary, Grayling in Ribnik Bosnia (which I caught couple of decent size of grayling within 30 mins!), Pacu in Air Kuning Malaysia and some of our saltwater fishing gateaway in Koh Ngai Thailand and The Phillipine. It has lots of sentimental value with me and my HT6.
The Fisherman’s  Song

White waves are crashing, but I am not afraid,
Holding the rudder steadily, I row straight ahead
Cast the rod into the water to the fishes’ lair
Caught a big fish
Hai Yo Yi Yo Yi Yo En Hai Yo! (x4)

First Grayling in Ribnik Bosnia
(Big smile when you had fish)
HT6 is my reliable fishing partner. I am not very good in technical of rod performance and I trust you know understand better than I do. But one thing that I am aware of and works very well to me is it’s matte finish. Just imagine this, you fish in this pristine river or lake with crystal clear water, you pick up your glossy rod and the reflection spook the fish! Ahhh how frustrating it would be! For beginners like me (where fish are mostly educated now!) every details matter as it will determine whether you will just give up or continue with the adventure. In my case he nailed it.
Simple words my HT6 cast well, not too heavy, doesn’t break when I had fish on and spook fish.
Can any of you still remember where and how you feel when you got your first fish? Lochinver Scotland is where I got my first fish in a cold weather  (around 1 degrees Celcius) – a native wild brown trout.
We had an amazing time in Lochinver. We fish, laugh, walk and eat a lot during our trip. Well, with my bulky neoprene wader and layers of clothes gives me limited movements and make it harder for me to hike for hours and cross the streams. But the scenic view around us is just breathtaking and it’s worth for all the effort. Everytime I talk about Lochinver and my first fish, I am on cloud nine.
Worth for the hours of walk.
It was very cold!

One evening while I was admiring the beautiful landscape and the calm lake that reflecting the skies, I notice some disturbance on the water, my women instinct tells me something is there, just not sure what it is ?. Without doubting my instinct I picked up my HT6 and cast, wait for few second and retrieve the line slowly. And woo la la I feel the pull, my first native wild brown trout.  My excitement alerted Paul which he was BUSY enjoying his cold beer treat after a hard work setting up our tent. He ran towards me wanting to share my joy (thank god he didn’t trip). I was excited, clumsy and also nervous (mix feelings) on how to handle the fish. I don’t want to hurt the fish. With no hesitation Paul took control of the situation. I listen carefully and follow exactly what he said. All under control, catch and release, the fish swam back to the lake gracefully. What a great moment! Paul was very happy for me and I am delighted on my first catch.

My adventure with HT rod doesn’t stop, from graceful trout to aggressive Giant Snakehead and fly-casting sports……………

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