Tropical Thunderbolt Lines

I bought a limited run of tropical Thunderbolt lines in 6WT for the HT Instructor rods (or anyone who likes orange coloured tropical lines!). I first got hold of these in the UK a few months ago and found them to be similar to casting wire – so they are definitely not to be used in cold water climates!

These lines are the same 110ft lines that are our original Thunderbolt taper and manufactured by RIO. The Thunderbolt taper is actually Jerry Siem’s TCR taper from quite a few years ago. It has a head of 57’6″ head with a very long rear taper. Perfect for long carries, mends at distance, and a good all-round fishing line.

It’s a flyline I’ve been casting here in Malaysia where the day time temp is around 34C. So if you are living in a warm climate and looking for a top quality casting line then look no further!

We are selling them without the box for 84USD delivered. If you want a box to go with your line then please add another 5USD. The boxes are printed cardboard and the spool is the usual plastic spool, both of which normally end in the bin.

To spool up either unroll the flyline first using a rolled up magazine as a temporary line holder or maybe one of the old plastic spools that you haven’t thrown away. If you have a line winder then you’ll know what to do. 🙂




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