Father and Son – part 2

From Eddie:

Steven and I have returned from a 2 day trip after Mahseer in Sabbah with Julio. We had no idea what to expect, however we caught plenty of Mahseer up to around 800 grammes and lost a couple much larger to mostly dry hoppers and tungsten beaded nymphs.

We both used the 4 weight HT’s and we both agree and so does Julio (even though he is a LOOP pro team member) that these are the best 4 weights that any of us have ever used.

Next up for larger Mahseer will be a trip to Thailand but we will definitely be back to fish with Julio again. It was not a million miles away from pocket nymphing in fast water on the Deveron on one small river and another one resembled the upper Dee with the obvious temperature and foliage differences. All in all the tight casting and scrambling around over rocks and hunting for fish in small gaps in freestone water is like the fishing in highland burns which was fantastic, however no wee burn troot ever fought as hard or as dirty as the wee mahseer that we hooked.

Unless you piled on the pressure immediately they would find a way to dive under the boulders and it was game over. The one obviously large fish that I hooked stopped my fly dead and then refused to move from between the rocks and sat there shaking its head like a pissed off jack Russell until the leader parted. I will be ready next time!!!!!!!!!

All the best, Eddie.

These are their pair of HT4s


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