Free Global Shipping!

We’ve had a price restructuring this week, since as you’ll all know, the GBP has experienced a small collapse which has seriously affected us, since we buy our blanks in Euros and most of our components are manufactured in the USA. The only thing that originates from the UK is our rod builder, Lee Martell!

So we’ve switched to USD which is a currency that everyone is familiar with and makes life simpler for our US customers.

For most of you it won’t affect your pricing, indeed when the Pound was strong i.e. pre-BREXIT the HT range was slightly higher than the current price in USD. For those in much of Europe it’s also come down slightly in real terms.

However with the new restructuring we can now give free global shipping on all orders. So happy days!

Keeping you informed

Four years ago, after a lot of work, we launched the Hot Torpedo fly rods. Initially launching with the HT6 which came in three models, the PRO6, the Instructor 6 and (confusingly for many people, as it turned out!) the COMP5.

About one year and 9 prototypes later, Sexyloops came out with the HT8 and shortly after the HT4. In about one week we will have the first HT10 on the market.

There are five other rod blanks in development.

I thought it would be a great idea to start a new section on Sexyloops keeping you up to date on the these and other¬†tackle developments, Hot Torpedo Owners’¬†successes, where and how they are being used, as well as a way of bringing you the latest news from the Sexyloops Mancave.

It’s all about to happen…

Cheers, Paul

Fishing the HT4 in Romania
Fishing the HT4 in Romania