Turning heads and Spacers

This is quite a stunning looking HT4 crafted for Ian. Originally Ian asked for Latohegy Osage Orange but unfortunately we don’t have this option yet. However Lee had some pretty exciting looking wood he was wanting to turn.

Which came out like this…

And this has resulting in a quite wonderful HT4…

With a removable butt…

Fantastic work from Lee!!! 😀 😀

It was quite a funny story on the decision to purchase this rod by Ian. Many years ago when I had the first prototype HT4 I met Ian for a cast on the side of the A1 travelling from North to South. And now some 7-8 years later Ian has his rod. I hope it was worth the wait! It certainly looks amazing 😀

Cheers, Paul

PS more details on the HT4:

(this is my go-to trout rod).

And as always please feel free to email me on paul@sexyloops.com for more info.

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