Quite a few readers would rather build their own Sexyloops HT. Particularly during lockdown! We can provide the Hot Torpedo blank, tube, decals, the cork grip, socks (or “rod pants” as Ivica calls them!) and occasionally other components too – particularly if they are hard to get and we have them!

Many years ago I built a Loomis IMX. I bought the blank from Steve Parton. You’ve seen my flies? Say no more! 😀

We don’t list this option in our shop and it’s all personal service only. But if you have the dream of building your own Hot Torpedo then please drop me an email on

This is Mike’s HT7, build in Switzerland. He wanted to try the HT first and so I put him in touch with Flavio. Flavio is also a home builder and has quite a few HTs!

Mike writes, “Just wanted to let you know that a Hot torpedo #7 is now in Zurich for testing. 🙂 I fished it only once but it was a great pleasure to have the first self-made rod in my hand and it casts absolutely great.”

It looks great too! I actually have a few of these to post and I’m now looking forward to seeing some trophy fish next 🙂 If you have a home built HT of your own, that you would like to share, then please send me some photos!

Cheers, Paul

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