It’s another… HT10!!

I know you’re probably thinking we don’t make anything apart from HT10s, but we do really manufacture other rods!!! It’s just that the start of this year has predominantly been HT10/Comp5 rods! And this is another one to Japan 🙂

I’m seriously hoping that we get to cast in competitions again this year. Fingers crossed!

I’m delighted to see so many of these rods in top fly casters hands. We are developing a T27 competition rod now. This will take some time of course! I also have prototypes 9’ 5WT and 9’6 7WT “fishing” rods also being assembled at the moment, ready for some serious testing.

For my next post I shall show you some home-builds 🙂

As always if you would like to learn more about this or any of our rods then please email me on

Cheers, Paul

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