The Anubis

Pretty stunning looking custom HT4 for Nick! Definitely not your normal 4WT that’s for sure, especially this one! 😀

Comes with a hook keeper and a spare rod tip (both special orders!).

The HT4 is one of my personal favourites. It took almost 5 years to develop (or something ridiculous like that) and many attempts. It’s my go-to Trout and Grayling rod, that punches well above its weight with the unique HT’s fast/feel action. Mine has landed 16lb Carp, 5KG Giant Gourami and 8lb Brown Trout. It doesn’t hold back!!


Here is some great feedback on the HT6 we have over in Texas…

Hey Paul!  Looks like the 7 weight should be here any day now.
I’ve really grown to love the 6 weight at this point – I went to the local fly shop and cast several other high-end rods and they just don’t really hold a candle to it.  Loop shape and line speed were so much better with the HT, and I was able to control everything in a way that the other rods just don’t really provide.

Always nice to hear! 😀 You can see the complete HT range here and of course feel free to drop me an email on

Cheers, Paul

News from the Sexyloops Workshop

A few builds on the go and some refurbishment projects completed. Stuntman Ronan who has performed a few stunts with his HT6, has had a section replaced and, because he’s a highly-regarded Stuntman, we are sending him a spare HT6 for his clients in NZ to use and abuse.

Piffen bought Tom’s HT10 and so we have changed the name on the rod. Unlike others, the guarantees we provide with Sexyloops HTs are not restricted to the original owner. That’s because we love our rods and want them to last for many MANY years!!! Taking off someone’s original name and replacing it with your own costs 20GBP plus shipping.

And finally we have sent an “abductor” rod tube label to Daniel the Abducted for his HT6 rod tube. Daniel writes…

What an incredible rod!!!

Really impressed. It’s amazing with any length of line.

Daniel the Abducted.

Have an awesome week! 😀 😀

Any questions? email me on Thanks!

Customised PRO7 with Black Recoils

A HT Pro7 off to join an HT6 in Texas for nailing Redfish and Speckled Trout! I have fond memories of fishing there with Rick Hartman and Bill Gammel.

I’m looking forward to seeing some big Redfish photos! If you are on a fly fishing adventure then check out the complete HT series here:

Remember all HT rods come with a free one-hour Zoom Casting lesson and we even have a user manual:!

If you have any questions then drop me an email on

Cheers, Paul

HT7 PRO with Torzites

We have a few of these in production at the moment. The HT7 is out latest production rod, below which I wouldn’t recommend Torzites however with the stiffness/weight ratio Titanium Torzites are quite fine on the HT7 and give outstanding shooting abilities.

This particular HT7 is off to West Coast USA for a CCI training for his MCI instructor exams. I offer to go through instructor theory with all HT owners and of course every rod sold at the moment comes with a free one-hour Zoom casting lesson from the back of the Battleship. The HT7 rod was in fact originally designed to nail the MCI test!

You can find out more about the HT7 and all the Sexyloops rods here:

Feel free to contact me on to ask any questions you may have.

The Abducted

An HT6 for Daniel. If you’ve been a Sexylooper for a while you will remember that Daniel visited the Sexyloops Gathering in New Zealand and because he was worried that his girlfriend (now wife!) Gemma would be angry with him if he stayed longer; we abducted him and made him go fishing.

(That’s Morsie there on the left!)

The HT6 was actually designed with NZ in mind and is of course perhaps the most versatile of all trout weights, being able to comfortably cast most things that you would want to throw at trout.

I’ve invited Daniel out to Malaysia and have offered to abduct him again, in order to turn a three day trip into a month-long jungle fly fishing visit. The HT6 is perfect for Giant Gourami as well as Trout!

You can find out more about the HT6 here: whipping colours are your choice. Daniel has opted for a British Racing Green.

A blast from the past:

Remember all new Hot Torpedo purchases come with a 1HR Zoom Fly Casting lesson courtesy of me on The Battleship. You too can be abducted…

A finely tuned rocket launcher!

I’m sure this rod is going to be a talking point 🙂 Heading over to San Francisco to a Sexylooper at the Golden Gate Casting Club. Gavan has quite a few HTs now and I’m sure this one is going to get a workout!!

An HT7 with Torzite Titaniums throughout! The 7WT is a powerhouse of a rod with HT feel. Originally it was designed for the MCI test – why cast 85’ when you can cast 145? 🙂

This is the rod I pick up nowadays when I want “to play”. Rooftop night-time jungle casting is HT7 territory.

This for me I think is the perfect trout streamer rod. Firing streamers into the bank edges and making long mends around currents. Great fun!!

You can find out more about this fly rod here, or drop me an email on – You are never far away from fish with a Hot Torpedo 🙂

A complete set (and a recurring theme!)

There was a time when the HT range was 9’ #4, 6, 8 and 10. That would be a “compete set” and cover you for most bases certainly. Iain now joins that club 🙂

And the recurring theme? The next HT will explain all! 😀

You can email me to discuss HT rods on and more details can be found here –

Here is the User Manual –

Cheers, Paul

The Cannon to Australia

The HT8 (a “cannon with finesse” – as we lovingly call it), is off to Aussie-land to join Gavin’s HT6 and 763.

This one is fitted out with Torzites, which is how I would set mine up nowadays (and will do so if I get struck by lightning or tangle with an elephant while casting – no car door breakages for me!).

Here are some further thoughts on different ringing options

It’s always interesting how Gavin in Australia is always buying rods at the same time as Gavan in the US. Fortunately with our superior organising skills this has never been a problem. 🙂

You can find out more about the HT8 here: The Torzites option add $100 to the price.

As always feel free to email me on for more info.

Cheers, Paul

The Night Shift

We have a bunch of rods being built this week. An HT7, HT8, four HT6s and just gone out the door this Instructor 6. This one is off to an instructor/guide in Devon. If you are an instructor or guide do let us know because we have a Sexyloops pro scheme. Talking of which, next week I’m going to start organising a listing for all the pro owners so hopefully we can drum up some business your way too.

I’m a huge believer in teaching with a) a white rod that students can see – for one thing their attention span is far greater – and b) with a rod that is comfortably suitable for beginners to cast. Imagine using a rod that is on the super distance stiff side without feel. Now I know you as an instructor can make it happen, but then what do you say to your student? “Sorry you can’t cast this rod; it’s too stiff, here use this one instead?”

Don’t get me wrong, the HT6 Instructor will throw a fly 130’ no problems. I’ve done it many times and it’s a great rod for that. For example here…

But what this rod gives is short range feel as well. Complete beginners can cast it. And they love it! So you can cast, and pass the rod to your student and he/she can cast. Perfect.

Virtually the entire video manual was filmed with the first Instructor 6. It wasn’t the amazing finish that we have nowadays! But it’s the same rod:

Personally I think a 6WT is the perfect all-round rod for teaching. Particularly if you are teaching trout/freshwater. If you are teaching Saltwater I would be more inclined to go up to a 7 or an 8WT. We do have instructor versions of all our 9’ rods. HT7 Instructor blanks we keep in stock. 8 and 10 instructor rods are a special order. We’ve done them both of course. Stu Tripney MCI in NZ has one of each and he’s not the only one. There are even two HT4 Instructor rods out there – however the finish is going to have more affect on the rod’s action with that line weight I’m sure.

As always, feel free to drop me an email for a chat about this or any other rod. I’m in lockdown here, so you’ll actually get a quick and often long reply 😀 You can reach me on

Cheers, Paul