Lightweight HT5

My favourite 5WT! Ian has a love of super light rods and the Hungarian Latohegy Osage Orange spacer, which looks beautiful!

I made a short video about this rod sometime ago where I mentioned that my final decision over it came down to throwing short-mid range Accuracy. The 5WT is an extremely versatile rod but I really needed something tangible to work towards.

A really fun and enjoyable rod to fish. A question I am often asked is if one has the HT4 and HT6 is it worth having the HT5 as well? Which is an excellent question since there is already a crossover in applications between the HT4 and HT6!

Certainly many of our HT4&6 owners have bought the HT5. Ian is actually one such chap! One argument is that there is a 25% weight difference between a 4 and 6 flyline, which is quite a jump. Casting-wise there is certainly a difference when it comes to casting a 5 line at targets! So while it was really built with that in mind, the ultimate question is when is a 5 line better than a 4 or 6 line? And when would I choose the 5? All good questions. For me I would choose the 5 over the 6 when fishing smaller flies and the 5 over the 4 when casting across cross-winds. Of course having all three is a luxury but you only live once, or many times if you are a Buddhist.

You can find out more about the HT5 on this page.

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Latohegy Orange spacers available on request!

Cheers, Paul


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