The Hot Torpedo Warranty

The Hot Torpedo Warranty is slightly different from the Sage Lifetime Guarantee. It’s similar in many ways – we will replace a broken section of your rod for the current price of 70GBP. If it’s a broken tip section we will send this straight out to you – tip sections always seem to fit!

If it’s another section then you need to invest in a hacksaw and cut four inches either side off the broken section (or just the male ferrule in the case of the butt section) and pop these in post to us. And then for 70USD we will send a section that perfectly fits, taken from our stock of blanks.

The main difference however, between what we offer and everyone else, is that our guarantee is not restricted to original owner only; it is a lifetime promise that comes with each and every rod. So even if you decide to sell, die, or give away your rod to your best friend, the warranty continues.

Chuan testing the Hot Torpedo Warranty


Simon Svan reviews his HT6…

Simon Svan, a nice NZ trout his custom build HT6

The build is top notch,  and as good as studio built rods from New Zealand or the green ones from Montana.  The tube is bigger than most which is good ’cause you can fit 2 rods in one tube!

I fished the Torpedo 6 for 3 weeks in NZ now. My thoughts…

This is a tool with a purpose.  There is no lack of power in the blank which is a must for me when it comes to an all-round rod. 20 feet leader with a dryfly, heavy nymph rig, wind, streamers, mouse fly you name it. Of course the rod won’t do it FOR YOU,  but you get the drift (no pun intended).  I can cast quite a long line with a compact stroke which I like for pin point presentation casting with dries. And I can do it with high speed when it is needed!

I don’t know what carbon density is used or which x-wave special resin blabla is in the blank. And I don’t care 🙂 I just know it’s nice to cast in-close with a small dry and that it delivers with authority in wind. It’s very crisp and as Paul states the tip recovery is insane.  Which will help you to throw sexy, pointy and very fast loops. Hold on to your shorts…

One more thing.  The rod casts a 5wt line really tight,  and I will probably use one when long range fishing in big placid rivers with a dryfly/emerger.

Big trout, double nymph rig with indicator fly. Small one 16 parachute casting only 18 feet of leader.

Bart’s Comp5 V2

Bart’s COMP5 V2 with a modified grip because Bart likes to hold the rod closer to the Reel Seat.

The Hot Torpedo
The Hot Torpedo

Hi Paul,

Received the rod today.
Immediately tried it with the MED5 and its fucking awesome!

Love everything about it. I am really impressed. Those Torzite rings are the best I have ever had.

Cheers, Bart

Bart has offered a more detailed review for later 🙂

Torzite rings (Lee getting artistic here!)
Torzite rings (Lee getting artistic here!)

Per’s Custom 4

Per’s custom HT4 with a Ritz-style grip.

“Got the rod yesterday. Since it was pissing down I didn’t get the chance to take it fishing or even cast it, but it looks super sweet and the grip fits my hand like a glove. Top notch! And I’m really glad that I got the camo rod sock, it really makes all the difference! ”

I can’t wait to hear back the results! Between us it’s my favourite! 🙂

Per's Custom 4
Per’s Custom 4

Simon’s HT6 – “Smooth!”

Hey Paul!  Fished the rod for some days now.  I am very pleased! Not just the casting but playing fish on it is something new – so smooth and crisp! I cast the rod back to back with a One and a Radian last days and the HT is lighter in swing and crisper. Paul, If you continue to market these rods you will probably end up with a full time job haha!

~ Simon Svan, Sweden

Simon and his Custom HT6
Simon and his Custom HT6

Explosive Casting Performance is a Rod Length Away.

  • Unbeatable performance
  • Titanium stripping guides – standard
  • Torzite Titaniums on 10 WT rods – standard
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Free Lifetime Support
  • Immaculate Stealth Finish
  • Custom build no extra charge
  • Free Global International Shipping
  • Camo rod pants and Sexy aluminium tube.

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