Round 3 – Entry 14 – Michal Duzynski


Finally I had a day to myself, finally after many months I took my kayak out, finally I took my SLHT COMP5 to see some water (this rod must be fed-up seeing grass only), AND FINALLY I caught my first fish from the yak and lucky enough it was caught on SL HT.

It was fantastic day, water was very calm and most of all, it was very quiet- just what I needed after days in busy restaurant. Starting with poppers – without luck – and then changed to Bass Vampires in order to dig this Aussie bass from the depths.

The rod as we all know now is fantastic, but I really need to think about my fly line setup. Today I only had Barrio GT125 in 6wt and 10foot leader. Casting in seating position was a bit challenging. In order to not to tick too much I really had to speed up my stroke and at the same time widen the arc- saying that, I mean I wave this stick a lot today.

Anyway as good as the water looked today the action was very slow. Around 8am I was drifting slowly on top of the very dense weed carpet. I cast, and while I was waiting for the fly to sink, guess what- my wife called to ask what time Im coming back (so no full day to myself – as I said at the begining).

In exactly the same moment as I said HELLO – I was on, man this women on the other side of the phone just said hello to the happiest man on Earth. Rod is bending, awsome head shakes, kayak is going left and right and after few minutes I had my first ever fish in my kayak. SLHT did not disappoint as usual.

Sounds cool doesn’t it- but there is another story to that. I think I got more luck than skill. Once I landed this bass I noticed I hooked it above the eye in the gill blade ha ha ha- well still counts right???

On the end of the day I realised what has the most meaning in my fly fishing, regardless what rod you holding in your hand (apart from casting of course)- it’s the take, the tug, the moment the line gets tight, and the first bend in your rod- I am lucky to experience that with best rod there is SL HOT TORPEDO.


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