Round 3 – Entry 17 – Dr Ling

Paul killed my car. That’s how I got a Hot Thorpedo.

Back in 2011 Paul was invited as one of the IFFF certification examiners for the inaugural Malaysian Fly Fishing Festival. After the event we took him fishing up north at a huge reservoir called Belum in the jungle for snakehead. That was when he fell in love with the fishing and the place. A year later he decided to come back to Belum for a longer trip, and he needed a car.

It’s not that I didn’t know about Paul and cars but what the hell, he was a likeable scoundrel. I was on the verge of changing my Kia Sorento so I leased out the car to him for a month and expecting the worst at the end of it.

Well it was even worse than I thought, the car went through the jungle, banged a few trees, Paul slept in it, dried all his stuff including socks on top of it, had a few elephants paid it a visit but luckily left due to the ?smell and never came back.

Anyway Paul decided Belum was where he wanted to stay for a while. He returned the car, I sent it to the workshop and they said send to scrapyard!

In remorse Paul decided we should commemorate the event with a custom Hot Thorpedo WNN 8926.

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