HT7 Instructor to Tasmania

Many of our Sexyloops Instructor white rods are being custom-ordered now with black recoils and black strippers. They certainly look very tasty! 

This was an interesting rod for me to develop. Normally to develop a rod we really think a lot the fly size and weights and the fishing scenarios involved. In this particular case, however, the prime objective was to develop a fly rod that would nail the FFI CCI and MCI exams! We certainly managed to do that and in the process have also managed to create a wonderful 7WT fishing rod, perfect for blasting out weighed streamers into banks, light to middle weight Saltwater applications and perhaps for chucking heavy nymph rigs in fast water. I often however, simply cast my HT7 on the roof of my boat for fun at night. 🙂

As far as flylines go, my key line for the development of this rod was the Mastery Expert Distance 7 (MED7) – the less garish and more  aesthetically-pleasing SA Trout (it’s green!) is a very similar taper. But anything that is that true-to-weight 7 region will be fine. Many instructors use the Ballistic Pro Performance taper in 7. It’s also quite a phenomenal “casting rod” with the Sexyloops DT6 Lumiline and I would expect to win many battles to the death with this combination. 

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