Second Instructor 6 to Germany

I think you’ll agree this is a very sexy custom build; clear wraps, black Recoils, black stripper guide! Understated (for a white rod!) and in a very nice way. Why white, you may well ask? I’ve been teaching now with a white rod for over a decade and I would never go back to black. Not only can the student see what the rod is doing, but I’ve noticed a much longer attention span. You can also split the rod at the middle and you have a very clear picture of the Variable Casting Arc.

I find it very important when teaching 1-1 to be able to hand my rod to the student and for them to be able to cast (not my Zoom lessons of course!). That’s not always practical if you go to the overly stiff side of things. For fun I often cast this rod with a 5WT MED line and I like the pace when aligned this way. But for fishing and teaching, then a 6WT line is bang on for me. I usually use a 6WT MED but there are plenty of options.

This is of course the original HT6 blank that was designed for fishing backcountry NZ. Big trout, hedged bet leaders, heavy nymphs, but also being able to fish more subtly when necessary. I hope that it gives Lars many decades of service!

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