The Anubis

Pretty stunning looking custom HT4 for Nick! Definitely not your normal 4WT that’s for sure, especially this one! 😀

Comes with a hook keeper and a spare rod tip (both special orders!).

The HT4 is one of my personal favourites. It took almost 5 years to develop (or something ridiculous like that) and many attempts. It’s my go-to Trout and Grayling rod, that punches well above its weight with the unique HT’s fast/feel action. Mine has landed 16lb Carp, 5KG Giant Gourami and 8lb Brown Trout. It doesn’t hold back!!


Here is some great feedback on the HT6 we have over in Texas…

Hey Paul!  Looks like the 7 weight should be here any day now.
I’ve really grown to love the 6 weight at this point – I went to the local fly shop and cast several other high-end rods and they just don’t really hold a candle to it.  Loop shape and line speed were so much better with the HT, and I was able to control everything in a way that the other rods just don’t really provide.

Always nice to hear! 😀 You can see the complete HT range here and of course feel free to drop me an email on

Cheers, Paul

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