News from the Sexyloops Workshop

A few builds on the go and some refurbishment projects completed. Stuntman Ronan who has performed a few stunts with his HT6, has had a section replaced and, because he’s a highly-regarded Stuntman, we are sending him a spare HT6 for his clients in NZ to use and abuse.

Piffen bought Tom’s HT10 and so we have changed the name on the rod. Unlike others, the guarantees we provide with Sexyloops HTs are not restricted to the original owner. That’s because we love our rods and want them to last for many MANY years!!! Taking off someone’s original name and replacing it with your own costs 20GBP plus shipping.

And finally we have sent an “abductor” rod tube label to Daniel the Abducted for his HT6 rod tube. Daniel writes…

What an incredible rod!!!

Really impressed. It’s amazing with any length of line.

Daniel the Abducted.

Have an awesome week! 😀 😀

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