R2-D2 763

We have a theme developing here in the Netherlands! First was the “Skywalker” Instructor rod and now the R2-D2 HT763 🙂

I’m looking forward to hearing how Richard finds the new HT763. The last feedback we had was:

“I let rip with the HT3 yesterday. It’s certainly not your standard 3wt is it 🤣 Fucking laser tight loops and it can cast a full line. I had to muck around with a few lines to get it to perform in close. I settled on a Cortland Sylk DT (I didn’t have the SA DT in a 3, but I’m sure that would have done the trick too) It worked nicely at all distances. 
Another cracking rod, well done mate.”

Yep that’s what I like to hear! 😎

You can learn more about this rod and the six years it took to develop it here: https://www.sexyloops.com/index.php/webshop/item/560/hot-torpedo-76-3

As always any questions drop me a line on paul@sexyloops.com

Cheers, Paul

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