Hot torpedo 7’6 #3




Six years in development! This rod has been designed for small stream environments where short casts and stealth are required. Tight overgrown fisheries is what this rod is all about! A 7'6 light-line fly rod should be comfortable casting only the leader and perhaps a few feet of flyline. Also it needs to be able to make longer casts for when the river opens into wide pools. 

The rod is light, crisp and has loads of feel. If you know the Hot Torpedo series you will love this rod. 

You can see a video here:


7'6 #3 fly rod

Titanium SIC stripper

Recoil rings 

Stealth Matt finish

Thread - Iron blue/grey, orange tippings or your choice

Sexyloops Aluminium or Top quality Cordura tube

Paul's Comments

It took an enormous amount of time to finalise this rod. Many of you will have cast the final prototype over the years. It is the same blank as I’ve carried around the world for the past 6 years! There is one noticeable difference - the Recoil rings. The Recoils actually make the difference I was looking for!! It’s a beautiful little rod and a pleasure to cast and fish.

945 USD