The Hot Torpedo competition is back!!!

OK first up, sorry I was flat out for the past two months! Fishing and fishing with friends got in the way of the Competition! Of course, it’s the best and only excuse around here 🙂

Talking to a few of our HT owners we have some new rules now: there are no rules and anything goes! Therefore you don’t have to write the entry from the perspective of your rod, but tell any HT story in any way you want.

And now we have something new: EVERY PUBLISHED ENTRY GETS A FREE STEALTH CAP! I know many of you have been asking when the Sexyloops hats will be available again – well quite soon!

So a free SEXYLOOPS STEALTH CAP to every entrant. Monthly winners get a Sexyloops Stealth Shirt of their design. And the grand prize is a new Hot Torpedo Fly Rod. Yes – it’s our fantastic biennial give-away!

Here is what has happened so far…

Cheers, Paul

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