Testing the 907

It’s not really a length/size combination that I would reach for but following numerous requests from the USA for a HT Instructor rod in a 7WT it’s something that I’ve been working on for about 6 months now.

Yes it will perform all the Master tasks. All rods will do this, even the HT4 without problems. However for some reason it’s obviously being recommended in the USA to use the maximum line class that is permissible. No doubt this is to make the 70’ and 85’ distance casts easier.

I’m sure you know what I think about that 😀

Anyway I got fed up with telling everyone that if you can’t pass the test with a 6WT outfit then you are probably not going to pass with a 7WT outfit either. And instead I’ll just make an amazing Instructor 7WT.

Here I’m testing it on a Giant Snakehead. Last week Zhongxiang caught a decent size Gourami on it. Basically it’s so good you’ll catch fish casting down a toilet.  Just don’t land those ones.

The rod might be ready soon. But you know me; I only release them when I’m sure that I can’t make them any better.

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