The Cannon to Australia

The HT8 (a “cannon with finesse” – as we lovingly call it), is off to Aussie-land to join Gavin’s HT6 and 763.

This one is fitted out with Torzites, which is how I would set mine up nowadays (and will do so if I get struck by lightning or tangle with an elephant while casting – no car door breakages for me!).

Here are some further thoughts on different ringing options

It’s always interesting how Gavin in Australia is always buying rods at the same time as Gavan in the US. Fortunately with our superior organising skills this has never been a problem. 🙂

You can find out more about the HT8 here: The Torzites option add $100 to the price.

As always feel free to email me on for more info.

Cheers, Paul

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