First order of the New Year!

An HT10 that’s just left for Japan. One we actually had in stock! Nick’s just ordered one for himself too and maybe I’m about to sell two more. It’s been a while since we’ve sold four HT10s in one week, not since the Italian Team placed an order!

While the HT10 is really a go-to true-to-AFFTA line class 10WT bells and whistles fishing rod, it’s also a really classy 5WT distance comp rod. A significant number of the HT10s that we’ve sold have been for competition, including this one.

This is me casting one off a log

It’s a fun rod I have to say, particularly nice for fishing a 10 line. I spent one year fishing the prototypes on both coasts of Australia and chasing Snakehead first off a kayak and then with my small aluminium jungle boat/home. If you’re going to do something then you might as well do it properly!

If you are going to fish it, and I certainly recommend you do, then you want to go for a 10WT flyline that is actually a ten weight. If the line is “one line weight heavy for today’s fast action rods” then buy a 9WT line (which is really a 10 of course). If you are dealing with a line that is 1/2 line class heavier then I personally would use a 9 1/2 particularly for fast shots*. A good example is the SA Infinity Salt, or SA Redfish Line. Back when I was developing this rod I used a Technical Tarpon Taper long belly from RÍO that was bang on a 10. Sorry it’s a bit of a flyline minefield I know.

*there is a common misconception that you should upline for fast shots but this obviously incorrect. You wouldn’t for example recommend a softer rod for speed shots? Anyway you really should try it for yourself. 🙂

As always, feel free to write to me asking any questions you may have on I’m around most days at the moment. Sometimes I’m further down the lake fishing and I might take a couple of days to reply. it all depends on where the fish are most active! Sunday through Wednesday currently sees me anchored in Internet coverage.

Cheers, Paul

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