Short tubes, long tubes and rather a lot of cork!

While we have rather a few of the original Sexyloops cordura tubes for 7’6 four-piece rods, due to “an order error in our favour”, I thought it best if we had some aluminium tubes as well! Interestingly, despite what many people think, the cordura tubes are actually the more expensive!

We also have some new cork – apparently this is around 2/3rds of our current cork supply – if there is any cork left in Portugal then I would be surprised!

The more observant amongst you will notice the long grips; these are for the HT12 that is still undergoing rigorous testing! In fact the working model is currently heading to Gary in Florida having been “tested” by Tim in Australia (and all around the world) so far. Tim will get a new one with the new longer grips, since this is what he asked for!

The HT12 is very interesting and I have Sakari and his Finnish friends to thank for the “two butt” concept. It’s been a big part of our testing, ever since Sakari tried to pull my arms off at the last world championships!

And finally, here is a quick tube comparisons: 🙂

Cheers, Paul

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