HT Pro 7

This one is off to a super nice chap in Phoenix. In fact it’s one of two, the other being an Instructor 6. Troy has really got the casting bug and is working seriously on his casting. Training with the Sexyloops Challenge and we are also working through the FFI CCI theory together.

I think one of the very best things about working in this industry (I have no idea why they call it an “industry” but they do!), is that you get to meet some really nice people who ultimately become great friends. In fact I’m not sure if that’s the industry or maybe it’s just Sexyloops. Certainly over the past 22 years that Sexyloops has been around, I have made very many great friends through this platform.

Andy is writing a series of FPs about why we fish. He hasn’t covered it yet, but it’s an in-depth series and so I’m sure it’s coming! For me, one the most overwhelmingly positive things that fly fishing has brought me has been a wealth of friends – many of whom it could be said are completely mad! (And by mad I mean in a good way!)

Charles Darwin famously wrote, “A man’s friendships are one of the best measures of his worth.” And by this measure I feel extremely rich indeed. Sexyloops really is a wonderful network of friends – I believe this more than anything is what it’s all about… life too in fact.

The HT7 is available, but we are also catching up with numerous orders, so it’s not listed in the shop as of yet – however if you email me on we can certainly organise one for you. With Torzites they are 1045USD, with Recoil rings they are 945USD. I would thoroughly recommend the Torzites – on this rod they are superb and are the hardest, slickest rings available.

This rod also comes with operating instructions! Here is the User Manual.

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