Treat yourself!

There’s not long to go before Christmas and we have HT4, 6, 8 and 10WTs all in stock! Also there is the famous DTI Lumi-line, a range of the fantastic Tonic Sunglasses and the Tropical Thunderbolt 6 line for Instructors (or anglers who like to fish using orange lines!). If you are in the UK you can still order in time for Xmas – otherwise it me be challenging to exchange Rod Pants for an Xmas Sock but we will certainly try out best!

But hey a Sexyloops Hot Torpedo is not just for Xmas…

I’ve been flat out ordering Hot Torpedo Owners’ competition shirts – which have now been ordered by the way! I’m really looking forward to getting these out in the field with you guys and girls  🙂

Next year we shall be running another HTOC competition and because it was so good last time, we shall be giving away an entirely different shirt (as well as the Hot Torpedo grand prize!). Next year our shirt options will include a blue stealth camo shirt for Imaginary Saltwater Fly Fishing. I’m also considering the option of putting a picture of you on your own shirt.  Let me know if you think this is a good idea! 

Incidentally we now have five “complete set” HT owners: Viking Lars, Tim Kempton, An Ren Tan, Tom Bentson and me! Next year I shall be adding some new HT rods to the range that have been in development for quite some time.

There are many benefits to being an HT owner apart from just owning the finest rod available to man (of course!)… you get:

  • a free fly casting lesson from me next time we meet
  • lifetime casting support
  • magic fish catching abilities
  • and for those of you who buy four or more Hot Torpedos – a free guided fly fishing weekend in the Malaysian Jungle (excluding travel costs!).

If this all sounds like something you need then go here and don’t delay! 

Cheers, Paul

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