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It’s taken a while but we’re on it now! Everyone who entered last year’s Great Hot Torpedo competition has won a shirt! I will be emailing you and linking you to this details page. Firstly there are in fact two shirts that you can choose from, in various styles. Firstly there is the ALL-NEW Trout Stealth Shirt which features, as the main image, a photograph from the well-known Fly Casting Guru, Aitor Coterón, which looks like this:

Also as an alternative choice you can choose this one, our traditional Tor Tambra, Jungle Mahseer Shirt:

Six-Pound Sean has asked for this one in preference as have a few others! These are the sizes of both:

Size    Shoulder   Chest    Sleeve
XS         15″              36″        20″
S           16″              38″         21″
M          17″             40″         22″
L           18″             42″         23″
XL         19″            44″         24″
2XL       20″           46″         25″
3XL       21″             48″        26″


You will need to check your sizes against other T-shirts you own, because sizing is different all over the world. In the USA for example L is XL in Europe and possible XXXL in Asia! This is because Americans are big people of course.  These stealth shirts are printed in Malaysia and consequently have Asian sizes. Please do check your size. I currently wear the XL size and it is a tight fit.


Next thing I will need to know is what you would like printed as your name. Where is says “Paul Arden” on the above shirts will be your name and company, team, casting qualification, logo, whatever takes your fancy. Stu has asked for the words “Hot Torpedo”.


You have the options to be short or long sleeve in this design and so far this is all free! However if you want you want a different shirt with a collar there is an example below of how this can look. This option will cost an extra 5GBP (because it’s a more expensive shirt). Ignore the design – this is a design of the manufacturer although in the future we can do something similar.

5. POST… is not included! But you can pick you shirt up directly from me, and while you are about it claim your free fly casting lesson! – all Hot Torpedo Owners get a free fly casting lesson from me, whether it is any good and actually helps you is not guaranteed! If you want me to post the shirt to you this will cost approx 10GBP for tracked and insured shipping from the Jungle here in Malaysia. Some of you have already paid. If you haven’t you can paypal me on – please send this as a friend’s payment since that is what we are and there is no profit here!

6. Additional Shirt/s

You may want a second or a third shirt, maybe one of each design and a couple of short and long sleeves and a collared version or two (can also be short sleeves or long). Normally these are 60USD which is 45GBP. For HTOC owners, however, because this is a special event, I can sell a second shirt of any design for 40GBP – you only need to pay one set of posting charges no matter how many shirts you require.

If you are coming the the UK HTOC weekend in August, or the World Championships the weekend before, then I can hand deliver your shirt/s.

Cheers, Paul

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