Off to do battle with Tasmanian Sea-Trout

This is the latest Pro6 which has just left Gatwick Airport destined to Tasmania, where it will catch MANY large estuary sea trout đŸ˜€

I’m not sure if the rod was sent with a spare tip, or if it follows, however if YOU want a spare tip of the 4, 6 or 8WT models it will cost you an extra 100GBP at the time of order (slightly more for the HT10 because of the Torzite Rings). Furthermore, another special we are doing is for those who like two matching rods, we will make sure that the sections are all interchangeable between rods. I used to carry matching and interchangeable rods for backcountry NZ fishing.

We are very busy at the moment, which is how we like it!

Cheers, Paul

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