The best 8wt I have ever used.

I’ve recently started competition fly casting and in the process I have gotten the chance to cast more rods in the last 18 months than in had since I had started fly fishing.

My fishing has improved too with the ability to be more consistent and to have more range and accuracy and get to fish that I might not have had a chance at without all the casting practice.

Now then, for the last ten days I have been lucky enough to be on North Andros in the Bahamas. However, the weather here has been the wettest and windiest May for the last five years. Which meant it was difficult to spot the Bonefish and equally challenging to get the fly in front of them quickly enough.
This is where the 8wt Hot Torpedo came in to its own! What a rod! Accurate, powerful, light weight but with plenty of finesse to protect your tippet on the Bonefish’s first blistering run.

This trip has proved what I had been thinking since I first picked up the Hot Torpedo. It’s the best fishing 8wt I’ve ever used. In fact it’s a pleasure to cast and fight fish with.

You can tell by the pictures how “nice” the weather is. It looks more like the west of Scotland in February! However a lot warmer!

Anyway, if you get the chance to try a Sexyloops Hot Torpedo 8wt, you won’t regret it, in fact, it could transform your fishing experience.

Tight Lines
Ross Bannerman

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