How a Hot Torpedo could enrich my life

ROUND 2 ENTRY No12 – Konstanse Larsen

I grew up by the sea, a Norwegian fjord, close to Tromsø. Fish came from the ocean, and was caught in the deep fjord – or even better, far outside of Senja where we could see nothing but water and sky.

This was really all the fishing I knew until a few years ago, when this stranger – a German, also known as TZ, suddenly came into my life. We met in early Fall, and he showed me these tiny feather things he made, and claimed he could catch fish with… Mhm, right! Funny these Germans…

Christmas came, and You will never guess what Santa brought for me; A brand new Hot Torpedo! “Geeze, what am I going to do with this?” she asked herself, while smiling gratefully…

Well, now that I had a rod I might as well learn how to use it. So in Kolding, during the Danish flyfishing festival 2015, TZ made sure that I could be taught by the best instructors possible (Yes, I am hoping to earn extra points from one of the judges with this statement).

When summer finally arrived in Norway I was ready to give this a try. Can’t say I caught much, but I tagged along with TZ, flung my flies in the water, or nearby bushes, and enjoyed the view at least.

We visited quite a few rivers and lakes before I finally had that moment, when “oh, this is nice” turned into a “Wow, this is cool!” moment. I was in my bellyboat, really tired after paddling around all day, and on my way back to land when suddenly a hungry trout attacked my fly. I could not believe that I finally had encountered a fish that would 1: take the fly, and 2: stay on the hook! After a little fight I could claim victory; my very first, all on my own, trout on a dry fly! Wow!

And from here the story continues with more lakes and rivers, more fish and more friends. I have been so lucky to hook up with this funny German with his tiny flies. With him by my side, and my Hot Torpedo in hand, I have seen so many beautiful places and have gathered so many good memories that I just can’t count them. It doesn’t even seem to be ending any time soon either, we still have places to go and fishes to see…


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