ENTRY No6 – Simon Svahn

You park at Wood Road 16, this fabled stretch of water on The Henry’s Fork of The Snake River, ID USA. It’s famous for a reason, or several actually. An abundance of aquatic insect life thrive in the weed beds which also creates something called micro currents, which creates micro drag by straightening your leader. Anyway, this is Oktober wich makes it a little bit easier. You can expect baetis, maybe some mahogany and some small ants. And midges of course.

You observe the water and surroundings. The sky is grey, it’s not too cold, a little wind. Its perfect!

For this trip you bought a new premium Rod from xxxx x. It’s suposed to be perfect for hunting big trout that feed on tiny flies on flat water. Good for long leaders too. The Rod has lots of feel, and bends deep in the butt section. This is THE Rod, they told you so in The shop and on the internet you read that soft rods makes nice presentations and protects light tippets.

So now you’re in the water and since there is a carpet hatch of baetis there is fuckin fish everywhere. You spot a 20 inch fish that feeds steady but it’s a long cast due to surroundings and shallow water, you will have to make a long Reach Cast with the 16 feet leader you cut down from 18 feet, cause the wind picked up. However the mayflies dont mind the wind; they like shitty weather.

To make a long story short, you make 3 presentations which all fail due to the wind and your casting technique. You put the fish down, but you mange to catch a 12 inch rainbow before the hatch is over. Everything you read about the Ranch was True.

This is a True story, and it happend to me 2008. After this I practiced more presentation casts and realized that the fast rods I cast on the lawn were excellent for fishing too.

So what am I saying here? Should we ban soft rods with lots of feel? Of course not. I have two soft ones which I love to use some days on rivers I know intimately. But I never travel and explore with one, cause soft rods have more limitations. Double rigs, streamers, wind and Quick shots are all more difficult with soft rods. And easier with faster ones.

As for The Hot Torpedo (which is The Rod I use on this clip)  vs other premium rods, ask yourself this: how many people have to share the 900 usd you pay for The xxxxx? It’s simple maths. What is premium? Who says it’s premium?

Join Sexyloops, get advice, practice and try a Hot Torpedo. The best carbon rods are designed by a man who lives on a boat in The Malaysian jungle. It’s a brave new world!

Best regards
Simon Svahn, Sweden

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