L cast
The L just getting there.

This cast is new in concept but all its technical aspects have already been covered in various casts. The "L" cast lines the last stretch of your line up with the current, the best way to delay drag. You can use it when the vegetation around you and especially overhead won't let you keep your rod vertical. A slack-line, horizontal cast, besides difficult, may not be enough. In that position, it's very tricky to make slack travel to the end of the line. And to do so accurately is absolutely impossible (at least, for me). This "L" cast is better in these situations.

Use: to delay drag when fishing across currents.

Description: the stretch of line before the leader forms an "L." The leg of the L, closer to the leader, falls in line with the current, effectively minimizing the drag.

Execution: make a side cast. Right after the forward stop, apply a quick, energetic curve by flicking your wrist to the right and back to the center. This curve has to get to the end of your line and fall onto the water with the desired contour.

There it is, just before landing on the currents

Controllable variables:

  • size of the "L": depends on the amplitude of the flick of your wrist.

If it doesn't come out right, it's because...

  • You still haven't mastered putting curves into the line. Go back to previous lessons.
  • Your flick of the wrist isn't energetic enough. That's why the curve falls onto the water before it gets to the end of the line.

That is a capital L !!

click for movie!