Snap Cast
This guy is ready to execute a snap cast (notice the natural pin on the lapel, or is it a realistic pattern tied by Ben?)

The execution of this cast as well as its variations and uses are explained perfectly in the Sexyloops fly casting manual. Of all its applications, here's one that will allow you to present the fly from an angle that is practically impossible any another way (well, for me, anyway). This cast attracts a lot of admiration and applause. It's won me quite a few beers. Worthwhile learning.

The trout is at the other side of the rock and this is the best angle to present the fly (maybe not)

New application: To present the fly from a very difficult angle for any other cast from a certain position (imagine you're wearing a suit and tie and you don't want to get wet above your knees because you're going to a wedding).



  • Let the current drift some line downstream. How much? A bit more than the distance between you and your target.
  • With your arm extended, point the rod at your target.
  • Execute the snap, but control the power so the loop won't travel all the way to the end, but rather leave a hook at the end.


Controllable variables:

  • Color of your tie
  • The color of your socks is absolutely essential.


If it doesn't come out right, it's because...

  • You haven't learnt to execute the snap (have a look at the manual).
  • You aren't extending your arm far enough.
  • You're applying too much force.
  • You haven't followed the dress code.