Casting Exercise 18 - On Target

click for movie!This is a competition game whenever you want it to be. Otherwise, just take it as a simple personal challenge or as an exercise. The important thing is that you can have a good time and, at the same time, develop those very specific skills that accuracy casting requires. Remember that, unless you specifically practice these casts, you'll never develop all the accuracy you could achieve.

That´s 5 points

Necessary equipment

- A construction paper target. One of those they use in archery. They come in several sizes. The bigger the better, since it'll be easier to see which ring your tag hits.
- An 8.9 foot leader with a 3X tippet for each contestant.
- A well-clipped, wool tag.

Objective of the game

Immediate: to have fun casting with a friend.
In time: to become a veritable expert in accuracy casts at various distances.

Blue: 10 points


Here are two game modes:

1 With a judge: This is my favorite. This requires a third caster, who judges the first round and then competes against the winner. The two contestants stand 10 yards from the target. The judge stands right next to the target. The contestants take turns casting to the target. The judge adds up the points like this:

  • If the tag hits the black ring: 5 points
  • If it hits the blue ring: 10 points
  • If it hits the red ring: 15 points.
  • If it hits the bull's eye: 25 points.
  • If the tag hits a line between two rings, it scores the lower of the two values.

The first to get 100 points wins. The judge's decision is final.

2 Without a judge: One contestant starts casting while the other judges until it's her turn. The caster gets 10 tries, which the judge adds up strictly and honestly. Then the judge and the caster trade jobs. Whoever scores the highest wins.

Between blue and black: 5 points again


Remember the technique for these casts. Squared stance with your right foot slightly advanced, arm in front of your body with your hand almost hitting you between the eyes on the backcast. On the forward stop, you try to cover the target with your thumb. Thanks, Joan Wulff.

Harder yet

With a little imagination, this game gets savagely complicated. For example: stand farther from the target; only the bull's eye scores; only casts with extended leaders score; without double haul; only with roll casts; etc.

Red: that´s 15 points!!