Accuracy Slalom
Great new toys for your games.

This extraordinary game for practicing accuracy is as fun as any. If I surveyed those that have tried it, this game would rank among the top favorites. This game is unique in that up to 4 can play if they get along together and don't bother each other. It helps to have a friend standing near the cones to referee.

Necessary equipment

Tangible: From 6 and 10 mini-game cones of at least two different colors (the kind several sports use in training: soccer, skating, etc.).
Intangible: Friends, good weather, a free afternoon and a care-free, lighthearted spirit.


Short term: to get as close as possible to each of the cones. Landing the tag in the hole of the cone wins that point automatically with no need for further casts.
Long term: to become a master of accuracy as well as negotiation. To master stripping line and changing direction in a single cast cycle (without false casts).

That's me waiting for the contestants (they didn´t show up). Two of them should stand at this side of the mini-cones.


  • Place the mini-game cones at various distances, separated from each other more than a yard and alternating colors for greater clarity. The nearest could be 8 yards and the farthest some 15, for example (well, actually, any way you like).
  • The players take turns casting, trying to get as close as possible to the first cone.
  • No fair making false casts or crossing each other's lines.
  • A referee determines whose tag is the closest and gets the points for that cone.
  • All the cones score 5 points, except the farthest, which is worth 10.
  • When all the players have cast, they start another round. Whoever gets 50 points first wins.

Harder yet

This game has lots of varieties:

  • varying the distances
  • the value of the cones
  • handicapping (like in golf) so experts can play with beginners
  • varying the winning score
  • giving extra points for landing the tag in the hole
  • etc.
The others should cast from this other side (same distance, of course) (Hey, what are those doing upside down?)