The Sky Drop Cast
After shooting line drop the tip of the rod slowly but firmly.

Description: this is a special slack line cast. The last 3 or 4 yards of line fall almost vertically, creating a good amount of slack line.

Use: long distance presentations in water with a hodgepodge of swirls, eddies and currents.

Execution: stop the rod very high and shoot a bit of line at that precise moment. Brake the shoot and drop the rod tip until it almost touches the water.

If it doesn't come out right, it's because...

  • The rod doesn't follow an upwards path.

  • You don't drop the rod tip at the right time: just after shooting line.

If you sent the line high enough into the sky the last section will fall almost vertically

You have to know how to make your line come to life so that your fly will float free and pass as a living being in the fish's view. Then from the first waltzing movement of your hands on the rod grip and on the line to the slow, sinuous movement of the exhausted fish swimming away from your hands in the water, the whole process will have been one of life and beauty.