Rat's nest
That face of concentration is absolutely essential for this cast

Description: also known as bucket cast (Mac Brown) and hump cast (Jason Borger). You throw line under the lower leg of the loop and its weight collapses a segment of line, making it fall in a heap (intentional rat's nest.)

Use: place slack line a specific distance from the rod tip and have it fall in a heap in very little space. One of the best slack line casts for fishing the water upstream.

Execution: after the stop, an upwards flick of the wrist (tip of the thumb pointing up) and back down puts a vertical curve into the line that travels below the line until it falls.

If it doesn't come out right, it's because...

  • The flick isn't absolutely vertical and you open your wrist to one side (the heap won't fall into a bucket)
  • The rod tip doesn't end up pointing downwards after the flick of the wrist

"Fly-fishermen are of three types, conscious casters, non-conscious casters and non-interested casters."

Charles Ritz, 1891 -1976

The pile is exactly where the yellow arrow is pointing at (and not viceversa)

Observe the "rat's nest" you get as the line piles up. It should all fit in a bucket according to Mac.