Casting Exercise 17 - Andy's Game

click for movie!Here's an interesting exercise submitted by Andy Dear, a Sexylooper enthusiast in San Antonio, Texas. This dynamic, demanding game requires great control of the line in the air and a very consistent casting stroke. As an exercise, it combines all the ingredients that we look for at Sexyloops: practical, original and fun.

The flags are not essential but they look great

Necessary equipment

Six hoops and little flags numbered from one to six to identify them (not essential).

Notice the caster´s close stance (the hoop is too small)


To practice accuracy, changing directions in all angles, shortening the line in the air and shooting line.

Trying a puddle castProcedure

Scatter the six hoops on the ground at a variety of distances from each other.
Stand in hoop 1. With a maximum of two false casts per hoop, land the tag in the other five hoops in numerical order.
Then do the same standing in hoop 2. Then hoops 3, 4, 5 and 6.


- You can use the drift to reposition the rod and aim at the next hoop.
- You can let the line down in back of you.
- You can use slack line casts to shorten the line length.

Harder yet

- Increase the distance between hoops.
- Try different casts, curves, hooks...,with and without hauling.

Only if he tries a parachute with that backcast the yarn will land next to the hoop