Right-curve cast
Small curve

This cast is a different way of executing a curve from left to right. This curve is usually considered negative since, after forming a wide, lazy loop, you flick the rod tip down and to the left to force your line down before the loop can evolve completely and straighten the line out. That's the most popular way to execute this practical cast.

Such an original nonconformist as I am, I'm going to try to add a little more control and accuracy. So I vary the technique substantially.


  1. To place a good amount of line upstream without hardly any loss of accuracy when the stream flows from left to right.
  2. To get around not-very-high vegetation or rocks placing the belly of the line to their left.

Description: the line curves to the right in a semi-circle from the rod tip to the end of the leader.

Execution: after a very high cast, stop the rod and make a left reach cast, shooting line. Just then, bring the rod tip back in front of you without lowering your arm until the loop has played out. Then lower the rod.

Controllable variables:

  • size of the curve: by controlling the length of the reach cast extending your arm more or less.

If it doesn't come out right, it's because...

  • You need more practice with the reach cast over the opposite shoulder.
  • You took too long to return the rod to its starting position and the line fell to the water before the curve was formed.

Large curve