Would you fish with this pattern?
No Paul didn't tie this fly

Of course I would

“I've learnt that trout notice only one or two distinctive features of a fly. These imitations have a very powerful one. I know trout biology and a lot of them eat fry. I'm a versatile angler and I like to fish a streamer. But I also know the regulations and I comply with them. I'd never wade into a spawning ground, which is where most of these fry will be until they absorb their yolk sacs. But I know trout are very familiar with these tiny fish and are attracted by them. I tie patterns like these and try to deceive trout with them. That's what fishing is all about, isn't it?”


“I think fishing with these is an aberration. Spawning is a fundamental part of the life of a trout. To take advantage of what happens in this stage of their life to catch them, in my book, is a lack of respect. Fly fishing should always be consonant with certain ethical values. Without them, this activity loses an awful lot of its meaning. Only through deep respect for and delicate treatment of what a trout is will we develop and instill attitudes and values that will protect and help recover trout."