Casting Exercise 5 - Playing with slack line

In the first exercise, you learned to do something that isn't very useful when you're actually fishing: cast a straight line. The opposite of this straight line is a bunch of wriggles and little curves all along the line. The problem this poses is that it shoots your accuracy all to hell... unless you do something to get your slack line and still keep your accuracy, like, for example, this exercise. (See how easy?)

1. Yarn in the first loop with a straight line cast 2. Leader on rod sock. Nice and easy parachute cast

A rod sock and three hoops. Mentally number the hoops 1, 2 and 3, where 1 is the closest to you and 3 the farthest. Place the hoops at these distances from you: 5, 6 and 8 yards respectively. The rod sock is three yards away.

To get your wool to land in the hoops beginning with more line in the air than you need and without any false casts.


Warm-up phase
Get the wool inside the first hoop. Without a single false cast and without shortening the amount of line, get your leader to land over the rod sock, which, as I said, is 3 yards away. Any part of the leader is fine (you're just warming up.)

Following phases
Get your wool into hoop number 2 in a straight line. Without a single false cast and with that length of line, try to put the wool into the first hoop (the one closest to you).

Do the same with the farthest hoop, number 3, and try to land your wool in the other two hoops, likewise without shortening line in the air and without making any false casts.

 1. Yarn in second loop with a straight line cast  2.  Yarn in first loop. Nice wriggles

Harder yet

  1. Alternate a variety of types of slack line casts: wriggles, puddle and parachute.
  2. Overshoot the farthest hoop a couple of yards and then get the wool into hoop three, hoop two and hoop one in that order. Lastly, get the leader to land over the rod sock with loads of slack line almost at your feet. If you're successful with this series, stop and celebrate ...with a good glass of Navarra red wine.

1.  Yarn in third loop with a straight line cast 2.  Leader on rod sock. Lots of well controlled slack line