Snap Curve Cast

click for movie!This cast shows how you can use snap casts for something more than preparing the line before a roll cast or catching the fly with your hand to impress your colleagues. It's an artistic cast, not very difficult to execute and really practical in the right circumstances.

Use: to create a very sharp curve from right to left starting with a vertical rod.

Description: short cast, less than six meters from fisherman to fly. While fishing across stream, the leader and last stretch of line are in line with the current. The rest of the line curves all the way to the rod tip.

Execution: make an overhead cast. Once the line is fully extended in the air, execute an energetic snap so that the rod tip and your arm point to the right.

Controlling the variables:

  • Size of the curve: this depends on how far you stretch your arm out.

If it doesn't come out right, it's because...

  • You can't make a basic snap cast.
  • Not enough power in the snap cast.