Casting Exercise 15 - Feeling the double haul

click for movie!It takes some people a long time and a lot of effort to develop a good double haul technique. Some have trouble moving on from miming the technique to the real action with a rod. It's relatively easy to lower and raise the line hand until you try it with the rod and realize it's the line that has to pull your line hand to go and meet your rod hand.

This complementary exercise helps your muscles memorize the movements (I'm not very sure what that means). At the same time, the feel is closer to the real feel of the line slipping through the rings, urging you to bring your hands together.

Necessary equipment

Rod with a reel but without the line threaded through the rings.
A spring-loaded retractor like the ones used for hanging your landing net on your back.

This is exactly what you will need


To learn the movements required to haul line and bring your hands together in this basic casting technique.
To experience a more realistic sensation of executing a good double haul.

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Attach your retractor to the hook keeper on your rod.
Loop the retractor cord around the four fingers of your line hand.
On the backstroke, pull the cord downwards. When you stop the backstroke, let the spring pull your hand until it retracts all the way.
Do the same on the forward stroke.

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  1. Stretch the retractor cord all the way.
  2. Practice with the retractor about 15 minutes during several days in any room in the house. In this case, just use the butt section of your rod!
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